Saturday, February 12, 2011

Greenleaf Gifts Product Reviews!

WooHoo! Love is in the air and I have a wonderful company to tell you about! They sent me a couple items for review and I totally love these:) And the scent...hhmmm:P Talk about great!

So, you are asking, what company is this? Well, have you ever heard of Greenleaf Gifts? I had never heard of them before but I happened to come across them while surfing the internet for candles. I am a huge fan of candles and love putting them around the house. Whether in summer or winter, they are wonderful! So, back to my products:) I pitched this company and asked about a winter scent candle. But, when I was responded to, she suggested the Rose scent instead, as it was getting to be the middle of January and more towards February. So, of course I said yes! I love Rose and used to have rose bushes near the front door. They smell so wonderful and are soo beautiful. So I was really looking forward to getting these products in and trying them out.

When they arrived, I was expecting just a candle, but I was so excited to find out I was shipped three items! All in the rose scent!! I will let you know about all three products and how much I liked them all. I didn't find anything that I did not like, just to let you know before-hand:)
My favorite item was actually not the candle. I know, I know:) For being a fan of candles and rose, you would think it would be my best. But my absolute favorite item was the Roses Room Spray!! OOO!! It is wonderful! The instant I unpacked this spray, I used it. My mother, who was in the next room, asked what I had used. She thought it was perfume. It is nice and strong, with a very feminine, pretty smell. This is something I am going to be using for a while. Hopefully Greenleaf sells it for a long time to come! I have lots of room sprays and they do not last as long or have as big a range of scent. I can use this in one room and it will last for a while, and it also works throughtout the rooms. I cannot even tell you how wonderful this is.
My next favorite would obviously be the candle. It has a strong Rose smell and I love it! Part of the pull of the candle is the beautiful design on the jar. It is a glass jar and has this really pretty design on it. I like my candles to smell good but I also like them to look good. That is why most of the time I use a candle holder and not just the jar. But I don't have to worry about that at all with this candle from Greenleaf. The desig makes it where I can just light it and leave it. No worry about having to put it in a holder.

The last item is the Rose Bath Salts. Now I have to confess why this is my least favorite. I am not a big bath person. Don't kill me!! I know ladies are supposed to be big fans of a spa-like bath. But I have just never been that type of person. If we had a nice big tub or maybe a bigger bathroom, than I might be interested in it more often. But our tub is a normal sized tub and the bathroom is kind of small. Not very condusive to a spa bath:) So, I was kind of at a stand-still with these. But, my little sister(who is 10) loves taking baths. So, I was able to slip some of these in with her and let her try them out. Now, keep in mind she had just tried some other bath salts a couple days before. But do I have to tell you, she thought these were much better than the others! She said the smell was better and it really made her skin soft. I put my hand in the water after she was done and I think it was really nice. It felt wonderful! And she smelled wonderful when she came out:) The whole bathroom(small, remember) smelled like roses.

So, these are the wonderful products I received from Greenleaf. I would definitely purchase from this company and maybe try some of the other scents they have available. I totally give this company a 10 out of 10! The shipping was fast, products were excellent and the lady I dealt with was great! Number 1 company!

Thank you to for sending me these product for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.


Karen Lange said...

Will check out their site. Thanks! :)

mamabunny13 said...

Will definetly check out their website!

Josiah said...

Sounds good, I really the scents of some candles burning, I'll check out their website

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