Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A New Bedroom Design!

Wow! We have been looking at moving our bedroom around and kind of rearranging some of the furniture. And in that time, I have been interested in getting some new pieces for the bedroom:) Don't tell anyone though:P One of the things I have looked at was a new bedroom vanity. Bedroom vanities can be a big help with organizing everything. And I am a vintage kind of girl so this is always something I have been looking at. I also like the dark cherry wood look so I fell in love with this one!

I gotta tell you though, in researching on the web, I found out there was more than one type of vanity! They also have bathroom vanities!! Who knew it:) I was kind of amazed as I had never heard them called that before. It was kind of neat looking at the ones online. There are some really nice ones. I think my favorite was this one below. It is Victorian looking and I am always for that look!

Now, you also have to make sure you get your vanity faucet:) They have many different looks and designs. Lots to see and research. Make sure you do your research before you jump in and buy something. It is something I am big on. I love to read reviews and see what other people have come up with and their thoughts on things like this.

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Jaidis said...

Great post Charity!

I was wondering if perhaps you could send a message my way because a message I sent you this morning didn't go through and I was wondering if perhaps you had a new email address. Thanks!

Jaidis Shaw
Assistant Book Tour Coordinator

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