Saturday, July 9, 2011

Great Teen Book, The Final Hour by Andrew Klavan!!

The Homelanders are attacking—and it's Charlie's last chance to stop them.

Charlie West was an ordinary high school kid who went to bed one night and woke up in the clutches of terrorists and wanted by the police for murder. He also woke up with no memory of the events of the last year.

His memory is returning now and has brought the terrible realization that he knows when the terrorists are going to strike next.

Whatever it takes, Charlie knows he can't give in or give up until they're stopped . . . even when the final hour is ticking away.

MY THOUGHTS-WOW~ This is my second book to read in this series by author Andrew Klavan, and I was seriously impressed! This is a book that I would gladly give to teens and young people of all ages. You are thrown right into the story with action from the first page. I have always said that an author has about a paragraph to capture his reader. Mr Klavan does it within the first sentence! I mean, opening the book talking about death in prison? Very catchy!

I do not want to give anything away. So I am going to be careful about how much I tell you in my review. I loved the mystery and suspense in this book. Between the Nazi's and the Islamic prisoners, Charlie has a wonderful time in prison, of course for a crime he didn't commit. And we can't forget the prison boss! There are twists and turns throughout this book that will have you guessing and re-guessing what happens in the end. And of course, I can't tell you:)You have to find out what happens yourself:D

I would suggest this book for teens and young adults. I had a good time reading it but it is obviously written for a younger level. Captivating story and great characters! Excellent plot as well:) Can't forget that! Another thing I wanted to mention real quick is the cover. This really grabs you and makes you want to pick the book up and read it. At least the back cover. This was an excellent ending and I can't wait to see what insane plots Mr Klavan comes up with next.

I received a copy of this book from Booksneeze for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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Josiah said...

This is a totally AWESOME book, I have read all but one in this series and they are written wonderfully.

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