Friday, July 8, 2011

Headboards for Your Bed from

In my bedroom, I like to have that wooden, natural look. I am not one of those women who like the fluffy, girly look in the bedroom. In other areas I might:) But not in this room. So when I saw some of the headboards at this one website, More I knew I was in love with them!

I do not have a king size bed, but some of the king headboards they have available are really nice. My favorite one is the one below. It is not feminine but it is not masculine either. Kind of an in-between headboard that would look nice in a log cabin. Wish I had one of those but I guess that might come in the future:)

Now, I didn't know they had what are called upholstered headboards. These are ones with fabric or leather on them! Keen! This is not something I would suggest for children but for an adult it might be nice. I had a hard time choosing my favorite but I kind of was drawn to the Leather Headboard below. Kind of nice without having the fabric. I am just not sure how I would feel with fabric for my headboard.

The last thing I found was something I wish I had known about when I got my headboard. These are headboards with storage!! Exactly what I need with my many books and nick-knacks!! This would free up some of the room on my dresses, probably for more nick-knacks:) No really, it isn't that bad but this is something I am going to keep in mind for the future when I get a new bed. I imagine this would be nice for anybody and I think a child would really love it. Just have to make sure there is not a mess:D There are soooo many of these that are really nice looking. Again, my favorite is not flashy but kind really nice looking. At least in my opinion.

So, what about you? Would you choose one with storage space or one with fabric on it? Do you go for the feminine look or the masculine? Let me know in a comment:)

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