Thursday, July 7, 2011

Taste of Home Healthy Cooking Experiment!!

I love to cook. I know that it is something a lot of people don't care to do anymore, but I personally love to get in the kitchen and cook and bake. So when I was offered the chance to try out two new magazines from Taste of Home, I jumped at the chance! Literally:) Well, okay, not literally, but you should have seen how fast I went for it:D Anyways, I was sent two of the new magazines and I am going to be trying out recipes from both of them. I have already tried one from the Healthy Cooking Magazine and I am going to tell you about that one now. But I will be trying another one from the Taste of Home mag. and let you know about that one as well. I am telling you, I LOVE Taste of Home magazines. When I was younger I got a subscription for my birthday and I always look out for them when I am at yard sales and thrift stores. They always have such good recipes!

This magazine, Healthy Cooking, is kind of like the old Light and Tasty. I am not sure if they do that mag. anymore and I think this one has taken over that spot. Maybe same magazine with a new name? Either way, this one came in real handy. My mother has just been diagnosed with diabetes and so she has been changing her eating habits. In the meantime, the rest of the family has been changing as well. This magazine came in just in time to get some new ideas for recipes!

The recipe I made was the Good Morning Frittata. I have to tell you, I am going to show you the pics and all here but you can get all the recipes from this magazine online! All you have to do is click through and check it out! But, back to my cooking:) This is very low carb, only 7 grams, and my mother has a hard time trying to find new ideas for breakfast. She gets tired easily of having the same ole eggs all the time. Not that I blame her. But this recipe had eggs, only cooked a different way and with lots of goodies added to them. So I went ahead and tried it:)

Now, I cooked these with the ingredients I had on hand. I used regular eggs and 2% milk instead of egg substitute and fat-free milk. We don't do fat-free as the men in the house seem to think it tastes like water with a little bit of milk added to it:) But that works fine for us and the recipe seemed to do okay with changing things up a bit. Also, we didn't have a skillet that would go from the stove-top to the oven, so I used a skillet omelet maker and then traded over to a baking dish like the on in the picture. So, take a look at the pics and let me know what you think. I know the eggs came out a bit dark but they tasted okay. Next time I will see what I can do about going directly from the stove-top to the oven. Maybe that will help fix the color:)

The Good Morning Frittata I am making.

My onion and green pepper being fried in oil.

My veggies and ham frying. Or as they say, "saute."

After pouring in the egg mixture on top of the veggies and ham.

In the oven broiling and melting the cheese.

Here is the end result. Looks yummy!!

So, if you are in the mood for a good for you, taste good breakfast, please check out Good Morning Frittata and get cooking:) Please leave a comment if you have any ideas for other good, low-carb breakfast ideas. Or any other good recipe ideas:) Thanks!

I received a copy of this magazine for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.


Ellen said...

I absolutely love Taste of Home! I have got to check this one out!

Darcy said...

I have lots of their magazines saved for recipes - more than I'll ever be able to make but I like having options!

Being Tazim said...

i like your omelette pan! I have not checked out the magazines, but they could be interesting. I always need new ideas for cooking.

Anonymous said...

learned a lot

Emy said...

I love that magazine! Your frittata looks really yummy!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

You post made me hungry! Taste of Home is one of my favorite magazines, and I love frittata, too!

Jennifer said...

OMG! That food looks so GOOD! How about you come over and cook for me? ;) lol

Mom vs. the boys said...

mmm...yummy, I like breakfast for dinner! we need some healthier recipes in our file

~SALLY~ said...

Oh YUM! I love Taste of Home too. Really fabulous company. :) Your eggs look really good too.

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