Monday, July 11, 2011

Ten Reasons Why I Want to Visit Virginia Beach.

Howdy friends and neighbors! I am working again with Social Moms on a wonderful new post:) They have teamed up with Virginia Beach Visitor Bureau on why I would want to go to visit Virginia Beach and have a great time. Well, I think this is a wonderful idea! This is a perfect time to go on vacation and what better place to go than the beach?

1.The Shore.
Whenever we visit beach areas, we love to go walking on the beach. This doesn't sound interesting but you can see so many neat sights and it is a perfect way to get time with your family. Even the kids enjoy it and we often do this in the morning and evening.

2.The Shells.
I don't know how many containers we have of seashells. Every time we go to a beach we stroll and pick up shells. We have found some amazing pieces and even found shark teeth once! Just have to be careful that the kids don't bring back too many:)

3.The Sights.
There is no end to the sights you can see at Virginia Beach. Whether it is an interesting shell, whales in the ocean or a stingray on the beach, sights are everywhere! We have seen dolphins playing in the water and one time a pod of whales passed not too far from shore. We were able to see them with binoculars and that was something we have never seen since.

We like to go camping and that is something you can easily do at Virginia Beach. It is kind of neat to go camping on a beach. The different sounds, sights and smells are very interesting:)

5.Events and Entertainment.
I have to admit, I am not quite excited about events. Seems a lot of times it is nicer to just stick around with your family and go take a stroll. But children often like to go to a park or a festival. And believe me, there are plenty of family friendly festivals and events going on in Virginia Beach!

6.Family Great Adventure Series.
This was something I had never heard of before. But when I went searching for neat things to do in Virginia Beach, this was one of the first to pop up. Seems like a fun time for the family with neat adventure themes. And best of all? It is free! You do have to check the times and dates on this one.

This would be probably my favorite place to visit on a vacation to Virginia Beach. The Virginia Aquarium and Science Center! I love seeing the aquatic animals and this looks like a great place! Wow! Take a look at some of the animals and the IMAX theater!! This would be my first stop:)

Lots of cool things to take pictures of. This is another thing I would appreciate doing while at Virginia Beach. From sea life to family to the history. Lots to photograph!

9.Spending Time With My Family.
I have had people tell me about their vacations and they never mention their family. I would love to go and play on the beach, build sandcastles and just hang out. Wonderful place to do it!

I mentioned this above but I just had to bring it up again. Also goes with some of my "s" words:) Nothing more exciting than going to play on the beach and build sand castles. This was always kind of fun and I think making the motes and building the castle is a great way to spend time together.

So, there you have my top ten reasons why I would want to go to Virginia Beach. It looks to be a beautiful place and I would love to visit there!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Virginia Beach Tourism blogging program, for a gift card worth $40. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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