Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Winter Pool Covers

Hi everyone,
We recently went out and purchased a pool for the kids. It isn't a big one and doesn't need all the extra pumps and filters but one thing we can't do without is a cover. During the summer time we are having leaves and sticks get into it. They definitely don't like that:)

We are looking into getting a winter pool cover as well. It helps to keep the pool clean and bugs out. Even during the winter time we get leaves and insects floating in the pool. Makes it a lot harder to get it clean and ready to swim in once winter is over. I have found some very interesting ones while surfing the web and I am not looking to pay a big amount to get this pool cover. If you are looking for one, I saw some neat ones at PCPools.com.

I have not purchased from this website nor have I used their products.

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