Monday, April 2, 2012

Fulfillment Services

Are you looking for a 3rd party fulfillment service? I have personally never been in need of one but I know companies that would definitely need this service. I am sure some of you are wondering exactly what a product fulfillment service is, right? Well, I didn't know much about them either until I went searching. Basically a service like this is for third party fulfillment. They do warehousing, pick and pack and fulfillment. This is perfect for a big company or even a small one that needs area for the warehouse or packing.

So, I know most of you are not going to be interested in a lot of this but you never know when you will have need of services like this. I know authors who would benefit greatly from a service like this! Order fulfillment, packing and sending, etc. Great for an author who doesn't have the room or space! So, check it out when you have the time.

I have not used this site. All thoughts are 100% mine.

1 comment:

Gretchen said...

Great giveaway! I'm sure this will be great for a starting business looking for fulfillment services. You have a cute blog! Good luck with everything.

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