Thursday, August 12, 2010

10 Tips for Saving Money During the Back-To-School Season!

1.Shop for clothing at thrift stores or consignment shops.
This has really helped our family in saving money. I mean, why go buy clothes at a store for $30 when you can find the same thing at a consignment shop for less than half the price. We have found some great deals on super clothing!! Something I wouldn't even normally buy at a store but I find it lots cheaper and in good condition at a thrift store. Definitely check the items out and make sure there are no worn spots, but if you take the time and look, you can save tons of money this way.

2.Make sure you have a list of everything you need or might need.
This will stop you from buying the items you don't have a need for. Always take the list with you. You never know when you might find the pencils you have been hoping to get!

3.Always check the ads for office supplies.
Many times, ads will have coupons, deals, etc. Even other places have coupons with penny deals, BOGO, etc.

4.Team up with neighbors or friends.
Often neighbors or friends with children in the same age group, will keep things from the last year. You can always get together and swap items out. Or set up a day to car-pool and go shopping.

5.Check online coupons.
There are tons of places online where you can print off coupons. Many times, we don't want to take the time to print them off, but they definitely come in handy.

6.Buy in bulk for next year.
Often you can buy pens, pencils, notebooks, etc in bulk and save money on them. These are very easy to just put in a bin for next year.

7.Check with local ads.
Make sure to check your local classifieds for people wanting to swap items. You can always find things in the classifieds and you just might find that backpack your child has been wanting.

8.Follow coupon blogs and websites.
There are lots of blogs and websites devoted to finding coupons and deals. If you follow them, you can get deals for tons of things.

9.Check clearance areas in your local stores.
Many times stores mark items down when they are older, etc. Easy way to get good items marked down:)

10.Check at liquidation stores.
We have a couple places where packing has been torn or something has been crushed a little. This does not ruin the product inside but it does cause the price to drop.

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Karen Lange said...

Great advice! :)

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