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Interview With Max Anderson

Hey everyone, I have an author interview for you today as well! This author, Max Anderson, has just started a new series of books for boys. I received a copy to review which I will also be giving away. My review will go up tomorrow with the giveaway, so make sure to come back:)

Thank you for being with us today, Max!!

I appreciate any opportunity to talk about the importance of getting boys interested in reading.

How long have you known you wanted to be an author?
That’s an interesting question because I did just about everything I could to avoid becoming an author. My father was the writer in our family of 7 children. Yet, I grew up hating to read and never read any of his books growing up. Besides, English was one of my worst subjects. Along with his writing, my dad also ran a film production company. That’s where, beginning at a very young age, I became more interested in visual communication. I’ve been involved in the production of dramatic films, television programs, videos, and commercials for most of my life. Much of that changed after 9/11 when my clients reduced or eliminated their video production marketing budgets. It was then that I was forced to make a change. Still, when prompted to begin writing, I resisted until it was no use.

Can you tell me a little bit about your newest book?
This is book # 1 in the new Sam Cooper Adventure Series. Sam had just moved to Harper’s Inlet in Florida. Sam, Tony, and Tyler took scuba lessons together. Tony’s father owned a marina, so Tony got them in for free. After the boys completed the course, they decided to try their new skills in the ocean. The only problem was, none of them had permission to go, or to take one of the sailboats out for their diving adventure. Everything went well until the biggest storm the boys had ever seen, blew up from out of nowhere, and they found themselves stranded on Lost Island. But, if they thought the worst had happened, they were wrong.

When a reader gets done with your book, what do you want them to come away with?
Each of the stories I write center around specific moral, ethical, and spiritual themes. But even secular reviewers say that they aren’t preachy. In addition, I like the books to be somewhat educational. In the case of Lost Island Smugglers, there are descriptions in the back of the book for building shelters in various locations where someone might be stranded or lost. The book deals with the consequences of not telling the truth or doing what we know is right. Your readers can find a couple of nice reviews if they look up the title on

Is there a place you have always wanted to visit? A vacation spot, historical monument, overseas, etc?
My film and video production work has allowed me to travel the world as well as all over America, Canada, and South America. I’ve pretty much had the opportunity to see most of the things that interested me. Much of this travel experience finds its way onto the pages of my books. But I’ve always wanted to go back to New Guinea where I shot a film several years ago. We were so far up river, that we were only 50 miles from where headhunters still lived. The jungle people we met had never seen white people before, besides the two missionary women who were there doing Bible translation. It was an amazing place with many equally amazing experiences.

If you could have dinner with 2 people, who would they be?
I’ve met or worked with a lot of famous people in my life, so it’s hard to think of names that I’d choose. I had a private, one-hour video interview with President Ronald Reagan, when he visited his boyhood home for the last time, and shot the first feature film where Liam Neeson had a starring role. But I wouldn’t mind spending time with Billy Graham, because of his impact on the past, or with Glenn Beck for what he’s trying to accomplish today.

What one event would you love to be at? Historical or future?
I’d like to ride with Noah on the Ark.

Do you have a favorite hobby?
I dabble in collecting coins and stamps.

Is there something about you most people wouldn't know?
I’m a big NASCAR fan. Jeff Gordon is the driver I’ve followed ever since he entered the sport as a rookie. Every February my son, who’s an attorney in Chicago, and I go down to the Daytona 500.

Do you have any suggestions for the aspiring writer?
Expect success to take a long time. I’ve read accounts of many authors who report that it took them ten years or more before they were noticed. Expect lots of rejections. Even popular authors today had to travel that bumpy road. And practice, practice, practice your writing. Just like an athlete has to practice, or a musician, or an actor, we can’t expect to excel in our writing unless we put in just as much practice as they do; or more.
If you aren’t already know through some other activity, you need to develop and maintain a web site, blog, and establish other forms of Internet presence. Write articles and other short forms to begin getting your name and writing abilities circulating.

Any last thoughts for your readers?

Writing is one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. It’s hard to describe what it feels like to disappear into a world of your own making, to move about in that world, to speak and interact with your characters, to face danger, fear, joy, laughter, and tears. And then to hear the reactions from readers of those stories is unlike anything I can adequately describe in words.

And how can they connect with you?

Author Web Site

Books For Boys Blog


Thank you so much!

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