Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saving With Coupons and Deals Through Brad's Deals!!

So, how many of my readers like to save money? I have a feeling not many are going to say they don't like saving money:) As a whole we all like to spend less and save more. My number one way to save money is through coupons. And I love it even more when I can get a deal and then use a coupon on whatever I am purchasing to get a great buy! I had this happen last week with cereal. I had coupons for Special K Cereal and they were on sale at my local grocery store. I took the ad in to my department store and did a price match but they also had coupons so in all, I got 5 boxes of cereal and some shakes for 8.00!! I LOVED it! Not every day you get something like that but it does happen:)

In every day shopping I try to use coupons. There have been times I go in and knock almost $10 off the bill just from using coupons. And you can do this online as well. One of my favorite places to shop is Kohl's. They are always running specials and when you can find kohls coupons? Boy you can find some good deals!! An area I haven't looked at much for coupons is computers. I guess I have never thought of buying a laptop with a coupon, but Dell coupons can be found on the internet.

Have you ever gone shopping and then wished you had remembered the coupons? I know I sure have! Or I take one vehicle and forget that the coupons are in the other vehicle? Not a nice experience but I think it has happened to everyone at least once or twice:) I try to always have my envelope or folder of coupons wherever I go. Whether it is household items, groceries, clothing, tools, electronics, etc. Believe me, you can pretty much find it all on the internet. So if you are searching for bed bath and beyond coupons, or online coupons, just do your homework. You can find them out there somewhere.

What about you? What is your favorite experience with using coupons? Ever gotten a really good buy when you used coupons? Leave a comment below and tell me about it! I love hearing about deals my readers have gotten! And you just might get somebody else started using coupons. It is amazing how many people I run into who don't use coupons.

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