Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Buying Used Cars

Well, this is definitely near the end of the year. Things have been hectic and super busy. During all the stuff going on I have been doing some looking around for purchasing a new car. You know how it is with the new year. You have all these things you want to do and stuff you want to purchase. Well, a new car is on my list:) Whether you are buying used cars in your specific area or used cars in MA, there are tips that will help you in any state. I have listed some below that I have paid attention to in the past and I think they might be a help to those of you looking at buying a new vehicle. We all can learn from each other so leave a comment if you have a tip for me!!

1.Make A List.
I always go into a purchase or even searching, with a list in hand. Things I want and things I am willing to bargain on. Personally I like a truck, but I could go with something smaller. One thing I want is a four wheel drive. Do I have to have the snazzy look or the neat trim line? No, but I do have certain things I would like. 

2.Take Your Time.
Don't rush into something without looking over things first. We had a friend recently buy a vehicle without taking it for a drive or checking it out. Turns out there are problems with the heat and air, there is a funny shimmy in the one tire and the lights sometimes go out for no reason at all. And guess what? The car dealership won't do a thing about it after it was paid for. A vehicle is not a small task. You often spend a lot on it and you don't want to have to put a lot more into it to keep it up. 

3.Bargain with Cash.
I know this sounds crazy, but bargain and deal with the owner or dealership. Many times a dealership is asking more than the car is worth, so they will often come down to a better price, especially if you have cash.  They want to get rid of the car and you want one. So make sure it is the right one, and then bargain away:) Don't insult by asking a ridiculously low amount, but make sure you are paying a good price for the car. 

So, keep these things in mind when you are looking at buying a new vehicle. I love to hear from my readers so leave a comment below!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


Paul Long said...

Thanks for Sharing this Wonderful Information! In the year 2010, 2.9 million Canadians purchased some sort of used vehicle while in the same year only 1.557 new vehicles were sold in the same market. This means out of 100 vehicles purchased in the year 2010, only 35 were new while balance 65 were used vehicles.

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Jillian Johnson said...

You offer great tips and advice! I recently traded in my old Ford Focus and I'm looking at buying a used car in Mission TX. With the number of options I have available, I have been taking my time, as you suggested, so that I buy a car that's reliable and fits my needs. Thanks again for the post!

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