Friday, December 21, 2012

Mad Mimi and Email Marketing.

Well, next week I am probably going to be taking a lot of time off from my blog. With everything going on and being busy, you will not be seeing a lot of me. That is why I am doing a lot of posts this week:) And this morning I have one for you about email marketing, along with my sweet giveaway:) How many of you have heard of I had personally never heard of it but now I am glad I found out about it. A business now a days cannot live without an email newsletter. There are certain things about email marketing that really help a business or company.

1.The Reach.
Many people will visit a website. But your email newsletter will go out to everyone on that list. There have been times I forgot about a small company until I got their newsletter. Or I read about a deal or hear about it and then forget about it until I receive their emails. This has happened more times than I can count! Believe me:) You can be reaching people all over the world by using email marketing. Whether it is for deals, specials or just updating your customers on a new product coming out, etc. This is a must for any company. Also bloggers, tell your readers about a new giveaway, a product you liked or something going on with your family.

2.The Opportunities
This is something I touched on above but the opportunity to send out your news to anybody interested is something that you can't get anywhere else, other than an email newsletter. Say you want to find out what product is a favorite of your customers? Use an email to send out a poll. Or maybe you want to tell your customers about a new flavor or toy that is releasing soon. There is no better way than through email marketing. Trust me, I said it above but I can't say it enough. People will visit your site, but they don't often do it. An email can be trashed, but they will see the subject and it will pique their interest.

Again, email marketing is such a blessing in todays society. You can't go wrong with it!!

 This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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