Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Seaside Properties

How many of you own a seaside home? I sure don't:) But I have often enjoyed thinking about what it would be like if I did own a seaside house. Walks near the water, sitting on the patio as the sun is going down or coming up. Boy it would be beautiful!! Well, Regalia condos has some really nice places that I was able to look at. And it was fun to dream:D

Luxury oceanfront condos at One Bal Harbour would be the ultimate in waterfront living. We are talking cream of the crop here. But as I said, you can look and dream so long as you don't dream too much. Everyone has that place they always wanted to live in and mine has been either a waterfront property, or a mountain home. But check out the pictures at these places! So, if you are ever in area and looking to spend some extra money, check out luxury oceanfront condominiums in Bal Harbour, Florida. Believe me, I won't be looking anytime soon:) Other than for fun.

I have not used this site. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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Cozy in Texas said...

I used to live in a little bungalow on the cliffs in a small village on the southwest coast of England and I loved it, but sometimes the winds were so strong the glass in the windows actually would bow.

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