Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to Stay Sober amid Drinking Culture

If you have just finished a Florida alcohol treatment program, you may have completed your rehabilitation, but your struggle to stay sober is just beginning. All the sudden you’re thrown back into your regular life, and you’re back hanging out with your regular friends. A typical night out will probably involve visiting a club, bar, or other venue where alcohol is served, and the people who frequent these places belong to what is referred to as a “drinking culture.” These cultures vary depending on location, but many of them create a lot of pressure for those attempting to stay sober.

Staying Social
The easiest solution is to simply avoid going out to these types of places, but it can be difficult maintaining a social life while doing this. If you refuse to go to bars, clubs, or even restaurants where alcohol is served, your friends will likely leave you behind. You’re then faced with the difficult choice of risking your sobriety by going out anyway, or giving up on any social life whatsoever. Fortunately, there are ways to stay sober even while surrounded by others who are drinking.

Find Real Friends
If your friends are a part of the crowd urging you to drink when you go out, you might just need a new group of friends. A good friend will understand what you have struggled with in the past and will never ask you to drink or put you in a situation that might lead to drinking. A great friend will even intervene when it looks like you’re about to give in.

Try a New Location
Certain environments are simply toxic to those looking to stay sober, so it might help to find a new place to frequent with a healthier environment. Not every place that serves alcohol is filled with rowdy drink pushers. Try to find a place that provides free sodas to designated drivers, since you will often find yourself being designated as such. With the right friends and the right environments, you can still have a fun and fulfilling social life, spend time with friends who drink, and maintain your sobriety without throwing your Florida alcohol treatment out the window.

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