Saturday, August 6, 2011

US Navy Armed Guard

Howdy all!! Next week I have some really neat products to introduce to you. But today I wanted to let you know about a website This is a website that pays tribute to our Armed Guard forces in World War II. I fully support this site and thought it was a very good read!

The home page has a little known story that I found very intriguing. I would suggest heading over there to read it. I also liked the ease of browsing this site. The Ships page has links with pictures of all the old US Navy Ships. WOW! Talk about amazing! I love looking at these pictures:) Another page on the site I liked was the Stories. These are real stories from real men who were in the Armed Guard! If you like military stories and finding out history about the Armed Guard and the US Navy, I would check out this site. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing it.

Also check out the VA mortgage rates site that I found. This site also has a lot of information that I found highly interesting.

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