Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tips and Tricks to Help Get Through the Challenges of Changing Time

Here we are again with another opportunity from Social Moms. If you are someone who like a wide range of writing opportunity posts, I suggest you check out Social Moms. They are always teaming up with different companies and brands to bring new projects. This time around they are working with a well known brand that is always there for babies:) Huggies! Huggies has a new diaper coming out that sounds totally awesome and this brings about the subject today. How do you deal with a youngster who just won't sit still for a diaper change? Do you have trouble with a baby that squirms around or tried rolling over? For me, I always tried singing their name and this helped. Below are some other tips I have found helpful in my time of changing diapers. Some of them might assist one of you or maybe you have one for me. Just let me know in a comment:)

1.Strap In.
Some changing tables have a buckle across the middle that keeps the child laying down. You still might have the occasional problem of the baby rolling over but this will help a lot. If your table does not have this, then a belt attached from the sides will help the child stay still. Remember, I am not saying tight here. Give the baby room to move:) but it will help in prohibiting movement.

2.Make it Fun.
I know babies can't exactly have a ton of fun through diaper changing time. I mean, have you thought about this? That poor baby is getting a cold, wet cloth applied to its bottom. Has to be uncomfortable:) So try to make it a little bit fun. Maybe sing a bit, act silly, etc. Your baby knows when it you are having fun and will pick up on your attitude and act accordingly.

3.Have the Area Attractive.
This is something I find funny when I walk into other families changing area. Many times the area is totally drab and devoid of anything fun. Make it happy for your baby! Have a mobile above the crib or changing table, put decals on the wall near where their head will be, have a CD player in the room so they will be happy with music, even a play toy that attaches to the side of the table is a benefit. Anything to keep the child busy while you are changing their diaper.

4.Make them Comfortable.
This is kind of brought on from my #2 comment above, but make them comfortable while you are changing their diaper. I like using a diaper wipe warmer as this helps them not get cold. Use a cloth changing pad so they aren't being laid down on a cold plastic pad. They will be happy, even if they can't tell you in so many words:)

So, hopefully some of these might have helped you. I know for me it was often difficult at first. Then I got used to it and you get comfortable talking to them and keeping them happy. I never really had a nickname for them pertaining to the squirminess:) But maybe you have one for your child? Leave a comment below letting me know. I would love to hear what you call your squirmy baby!

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