Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reasons Why Google Maps Marketing Works

Before I did a lot of traveling, I had never really used Google Maps marketing. I guess when you live in an area you don't really have to search for things. You just use your local phone book and word of mouth reccomendations. But now that I travel quite a bit, Google Maps has become one of my mainstays. I use it pretty much everywhere I go for different things. I have even become so used to it I will go there instead of look in my phone book:)

So, does Google Maps work? It sure does! Check out a few reasons why below.

1.People Find Things Easily.
For me, I like to use Google Maps in an area I am vacationing at, staying overnight, or just passing through. But the nice thing I have found with Google Maps is that I put in the address I am going to be at and then I can press the Search Nearby button. Then I can put in restaurants(generic or specific), hotels, shops, medical, etc. and this will pull up whatever is nearby. This also gives you the name, phone number, and reviews from people who have been there. I don't know how many restaurants I have gone to because I found them through Google Maps. Think about how many people see a business and then visit? There is no count to how many people this reaches.

2.The Street View.
This is another aspect I really like with Google Maps. Have you ever tried this out? The street view actually places you on the road of an address! We recently took a trip to Wisconsin and I was able to look at the road near the hotel, see what was nearby and find out how the area looked! This is a totally amazing aspect and one I use quite often. It is really amazing the technology we have nowadays. I can be hundreds of miles away and see what a street looks like without visiting it.

So, does Google Maps marketing work? Absolutely! If you own a business, make sure it is on there. And if you are traveling or working in another town, make sure to check out the area ahead of time:)

This is a sponsored post for OrangeSoda, however, all the points and views
are my own.

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