Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easy Tips to Maintain Aquatic Life in Your Garden Pond

Home gardens are one of the best ways to spend relaxing time with nature without going on a vacation. Home gardens are not just about green plants and colorful blossoms; they are also about the wonderful wildlife that lives there. A pond in the garden can naturally attract wildlife such as birds, frogs, dragonflies and aquatic plants.

On a darker note, a garden pond can also attract unwanted visitors such as mosquitoes and algae. That is why proper maintenance is utterly important. For survival of the aquatic life, you must make sure that the water quality and oxygen level is well maintained. If you wish to keep a large variety of aquatic life including fish, you will need a pond pump to maintain the oxygen level. Renowned manufacturers like Oase have created a line-up of pond pumps to meet varying requirements. Oase pond pumps are available in the UK from Swallow Aquatics.
Other than good quality pumps, the aquatic life in the pond will require a lot of attention from you as well. It may sound like a lot of work, but with the following tips, the maintenance of your garden pond will be simple and easy.
·         Make sure the pond is not located directly under a tree. Constantly falling foliage can make it dirty all the time. However, it is wise to protect the water and aquatic life with the help of a fence.
·         The pond must be deep at the center and shallow from the edges. It must create a slope so that creatures such as frogs and toads find it easier to come in and out of the water. The variation in depth is also a good way to invite a variety of animals.
·         If you have any pet such as cat or a dog, it is best to keep them away from the pond. If you have fish in the pond, your curious pet might try to grab one out of it.
·         The garden may attract other predators as well and that is why we suggest choosing fish that are not too brightly colored. Such fish hide themselves easily and therefore save you the burden of buying a new fish every other day.
·         Make sure there is proper vegetation inside the pond. Aquatic plants and vegetation provide food and shelter to many animals. Some of them also maintain the oxygen balance in the water. As for algae, don’t waste your time trying to eliminate it completely. Some of it is actually good for the pond.
·         In winters, use a floating device to keep the surface from freezing.
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