Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Parnevu T-Tree Hair Products Review

Today I have a review for some different products. Anyone ever heard of Parnevu? I had never heard of this company but was excited to have the chance to review them. I was sent several products and was given the option of reviewing what I would use. So I reviewed the shampoo and conditioner. Check out my thoughts below!!

First up was the T-Tree Shampoo. You have to understand before I start my review, my hair is thin and long. I often have trouble finding a shampoo and conditioner that will work in my hair. Many of them are too heavy and thus my hair falls flat as can be, while others leave my hair feeling oily and shining like a grease pit:) So I was interested in seeing how these would work. This shampoo is supposed to aid in moisture, such as those who have trouble with itchy and flaky hair. I don't have these problems, but I was still impressed by the shampoo. It worked well in my hair and left it feeling very moisturized. I actually used this twice a week for some extra moisture in my routine.

The T-Tree Leave In Conditioner was my all time favorite! I loved how this worked and I loved the results. Normally I use a conditioner in the shower, but I was happy to try one that is a leave in. This is a very rich conditioner and yet it leaves your hair feeling weightless and airy. I also liked that the scent wasn't too strong but it was still there.

Overall these are products I enjoyed. They are pretty cheap as well which is something I look for in beauty products. You know how expensive some of those things can get out there? Pretty high if you ask me. A bottle of the conditioner is only $6 and it is a good sized bottle. For those of you interested in this product, please check out the Parnevu website. You can also find them at the links below.



**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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