Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 23 Holiday Shopping Event Girleo

DAY 23

This here is just a review but these products are something that would be great as gifts for the holidays so I wanted to tell you all about them.

Girleo, Girl ExtraOrdinaire, sent me a whole box of items for review. I gotta tell you, these are great! I received a tote bag, shirt and a hoodie. They sell personalized items that you can use for weddings, mother and daughter, etc. These are great for the holidays though. Everyone loves personalized items and these are very girly:)

The Hoodie was probably my favorite item I received. It has the Girleo logo on the back and the saying, "Girl ExtraOrdinaire, Because I Am." Now, I am normally not someone to have that type of attitude but I really like this Hoodie and the whole idea behind this company is "using our God-given talents to show the world who you really are, a Girl ExtraOrdinaire". This company was built on Faith in God, courage and a dream to be a fashion designer. The only problem I have with this hoodie is the color. Because it is white, it is very easily stained. And kind of hard to get out. This is the only problem I had.

The next item was a Tote Bag. This is cream with purple trim and it has my name on the front of it. I love it!! It is very feminine and cute. I am using it a lot for my books and I can easily use it for a day trip. It is big!! Lots of room for my lovely novels:)

And the third item I got was a T-Shirt for a little girl. I have given this to a friend as it won't fit any of mine. It has a cute saying on the front and is pink, very girly:) This whole company is about being a girl. Yes ladies, we are girls at heart! In this day many women want to be more manly and I am totally for a company showing ladies we can be girly and still be wonderful!
Overall, I really enjoyed these products and might purchase from them in the future. My Hoodie is always with me now. Girleo is getting a lot of publicity with how much I wear my jacket.

Thanks to Girleo for sending my product for review. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine. All quotes are taken from the Girleo website.

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