Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Upcoming Book Blast Event!!

Well, it is quickly approaching and I am excited about getting some of these authors here for you all to meet. I know some of them will be familiar but others will be new to me and hopefully new to you all. Some of them are Christian books and some are cookbooks, children's books, diet, etc. Some are going to be only reviews while others are reviews and giveaways or interviews along with giveaways. I am hoping to have lots of winners during this event and maybe find some books for you to add to your wish list:)

I have an event button that I am putting up for the time of my event. But for those of you who take it from here and put it up before the event starts and then come back to comment on this post, you will get 5 extra entries in all of the Book Blast Event giveaways. So, grab the button, post it on your blog, and then comment here with your blog link and where I can find it. I would ask that you keep the button up the whole length of the event. It will end on the 17th. So just keep it on your blog until then. This has to be the Book Blast Event button in my left sidebar.

(Also, if anyone can help me resize it, I would love to have your help. I can't get it out of my text area and it is quite irritating. ) Well, never mind that. Just changed sides and it is now over on the right hand side, out of the text area:)

My event starts on the 1st so hurry and get your comments on here:) I will do this until 8 AM Saturday morning so you can comment until then. I will not be doing posts on Sunday so I will do one post on Saturday and then start up again on Monday.

Have fun and thank you all!


misskallie2000 said...

I posted your Book Blast Event button here

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Jan Marie said...

I just added your button for the Book Blast Event to my blog at

Looking forward to this exciting event!

Jan Marie


Colleen said...

This sounds like fun. Heading out to post your button on my blog

Looking forward to hearing about some new and wonderful books.

Wyn said...

I posted your blog blast button my my site. It's January 1st so I'm probably too late but better late than never :) It's at

wyndyc at gmail dot com

Doreen said...

I posted the button on my bloggy!

Pain SUX said...

Happy New Year!!
I'm a new follower, and lover of reading anything I can get my hands on.

If you have some extra time, please follow me back. thanks


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