Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Safety Tips To protect Your Home During the Holidays

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

Holidays are an exciting, but busy time of the year for most families. Unfortunately, the holiday season also increases the risk of theft due to the large number of gifts that are hiding in the closets of many homes. Thieves can be very attentive and will look for clues about what goodies may be hidden in a home.

There are some safety tips a family can employ to reduce the risk of being robbed during the holiday season. Leaving a light on is always a good idea. This deters the majority of potential thieves because they think somebody may be home. Setting lights to come on at certain times is also a very useful tip. This ensures the family is not walking into a dark home.

Another tip is not to put any trash out until just before the garbage man is scheduled to come. Many thieves have no qualms about digging through garbage looking for revealing receipts or packaging material that indicates what a family has bought.

Lastly, setting a home alarm every time from the family is home or when the family leaves, is always a good idea. This can provide a very powerful deterrent and protect a family's treasures at all times.

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