Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Roman Town Party!!

I was able to hold a party at my house earlier this month for a computer game called Roman Town. I am going to show you all some pictures and tell you about the fun we had with this party:)

Roman Town is an educational computer game about Roman history. It is from Dig It Communications. Now, we had a good time getting ready for this party, amid the snow:) I received a party package that included warm hats, water bottles and the game. Along with some papers and ideas for my party which I really enjoyed. So, the kids took turns playing the Roman Town game and the rest played some of the games and contests.

The Roman Town game is a very interesting game. It has the educational pull but it is fun enough that they enjoy playing it. I have been asked several times to play it:) The game opens with the player being asked to come help in an excavation dig. You get to oversee a dig and you are the boss who gets to tell everyone what to do. Really appeals to the children!! As the boss they will call you and let you know when something has been discovered so you then get to go uncover it. There is a lot of history throughout this and I only had one problem with it but it was more of a technical problem. The game kept freezing my laptop for some reason. I tried it on one laptop and it installed but wouldn't load. So we tried it on another laptop and it played fine but then froze every 30 minutes or so. But they enjoyed it enough that we kept trying:)

This was a good time of fun and enjoyment. We did not have as many people as I would have liked but it was still fun. I am happy to find a computer game that is educational and I can let them play without having to worry about them learning something wrong.

Readers-I do have a coupon code if you want to order this game for yourself. I put my stamp of approval on it and give it 5 stars for an educational game. Use the following code when you order. COUPON OFFER: 20% off with coupon code BLOG20 valid through 1/31/11.

I did receive complimentary product for my party purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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I would like to discuss the game with you. Is there an email address I can use?

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