Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ten Tips for Making this the Ultimate Holiday Season.

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Now, we all know how much parents want to have the best Holiday ever. But we are often so busy and rushed that it is hard to make sure we are doing the right thing. So, I am going to give 10 tips here to maybe help someone out. Or you can leave a comment for me with your tip. This Holiday season, let's make it the ultimate!!

1.Shop for Your Gifts Early.
This often insures that you get the gift you want and that they are not out of order by the time you get in the store. Many items I have seen as out of stock and many are back-ordered for quite a while. Make sure you get it by shopping early.

2.Make a List.
Sometimes it is easy to forget a gift you want for a special person. I know because I have done it! There is so much crowding our mind we sometimes forget that certain gift. Make a list while you are sitting down so you have everything written down. It is so much easier and it will make sure you don't leave anyone out:)

Is there something you are worrying about that you really don't need to? Maybe you need to just sit down and make sure the priorities are in place. Family is more important than anything and they will understand.

4.Take Time For Family.
This kind of goes with the one above but make sure to take time out for the family. If we are running all over to get the right gifts and decorating the house but we forget the family, it is all in vain. Remember to have fun and get the snow outfits from the attic and go play in the snow!! It is about the family!

5.Bake Cookies.
This is really fun to me and no Holiday is complete without it. Bake for all you are worth! What would it be without Chocolate Chip Cookies, Gingerbread, and Eggnog? Seriously, make your Holiday the ultimate and bake!!

6.Scents of the Season.
I am a big fan of candles and the lovely aroma they send around your house. This is one of those times to break out the Pine candles and make your house smell wonderful!

7.Dress Up
Yep, make this an ultimate Holiday and dress up for your husband and children. Make it a special time:) One you will remember forever.

8.Take Lots of Pictures.
This year will only happen once. Make sure to take tons of pictures, whether goofy and silly or serious and special. You can always look back and remember the wonderful Holiday season. And make sure you get in the pictures too:) We have realizes that too often one person was behind the camera and never got their picture taken.

9.Shop at Hasbro!!
Well, you knew I couldn't pass this one by. Hasbro Toys is a great place to get those wonderful toys that you want for your children. Make it the Ultimate Holiday and shop at Hasbro Ultimate Gifts Line!

10.Last but not least, Take Time for Yourself.
You can't always be on the run without wearing your body down. Take the extra little time in the morning or maybe in the evening after the kids are in bed. Buy a little extra spa stuff at the store. Take that time or you will not enjoy the Holiday, no matter how special it is.

So, got any ideas for me? Make sure to leave a comment letting me know:)

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