Monday, December 20, 2010

Guardsman Cleaning And Polishing Product Review

In addition to my other giveaway today, I also have a review of some really nice products. Now, this is review only, but I urge you to keep reading and keep these in mind when you need those leather polishing cloths in the future:)

Guardsman products sent me a whole basket full of items for review. I have to tell you, I didn't even get the time to review them all!! There were soo many items in here:) These are super quality cleaning products for your house. I do not have a whole lot of leather in my house, so those were the products I had a hard time reviewing. But I loved the others!

Take a look at this basket! My personal favorite was the Wood Cleaner and Polishing Spray. These came with their own cloths and I loved sprucing up all the wood items in the house. You use the Cleaner first and then wipe down with the Polish. My bookcases, desks, etc looked great! The directions are easy to follow, I had no problem with any staining at all from the spray and it came out really nice.

I used the Leather Wipes also for the couple leather items I have in my house. They smell really good and I liked how it cleaned the leather chair. And my favorite item other than the wood cleaning products is the the basket:) This is a really nifty way to market the products and I would urge other companies to use this idea. So often I just get a product shipped in an envelope. It is nice to get the product but this is above and beyond on marketing. I really liked this!

The other products will come in very handy and I just might be passing on the things I can't use to others who can. I will definitely be using these products for months to come and I really like the quality of them.

Thank you to Guardsman for sending me these products for review. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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Mystica said...

I would really like to get my hands on the Wood cleaner!

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