Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Family Tradition Guest Post

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

Christmas is a time of many family traditions but my favorite is that of the Christmas light drive that we take on Christmas Eve. It's a holiday tradition that has lasted for as long as we've been together as a family. That's because it's inspiring and filled with the spirit of Christmas and togetherness is general. That doesn't mean we're not safe about it though. There are still people out there that don't have Christmas on their mind. That's why before we leave you always set the home security alarm (information ADT Olympia). It protects all those wonderful presents we're going to open the next day.

We look at Christmas lights from many different neighborhoods. The lights vary by neighborhood, but we always love them all, even the smallest decorations. We know that someone put those out because they wanted to share something magical with the world. The spirit of Christmas passes from them to us and it warms our hearts and makes us ready to celebrate Christmas day.

The drive usually takes about two hours but we don't mind the length of time. We've even been known to drive longer than that just because we are so impressed with some of the lights. At the end of our drive, it's time for a lot of good conversation, cookies, and anything else Christmas-related that can bring us joy.

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