Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tora Hair Comb Review

Hey all, you know my giveaway for the $50 gift certificate I have going on right now? Remember I told you I was receiving a product for review as well? Well, it arrived and let me tell you, I am sooo in love with this!!! Angelic Jewelry sent me the Tora Hair Comb for my review and this is a very beautiful product. My younger sister, M, did my hair for me and used this comb. She took the pictures for me and I think it came out looking pretty good. Nothing fancy but it showcases the comb very well. A lot of this is going to be pictures so you see how nice this is.

When the comb arrived I was very impressed by the packaging. I think a box or how it is packaged really shows a lot about a company. I know I have had people not happy over me saying something about how their labels look or their packaging reflects on them, but I try to be honest in my reviews. A first impression really sets your thought of a company. And I am pleased to tell you I started out impressed with this website and I finished very happy!! Overjoyed might be a better word:) The box was professional, the wrapping well done and the comb itself speaks volumes. It is delicate but well made. Very, very chic!! I hope the pictures do it justice.

In this case, my sister braided my hair down the sides and then braided the back where they joined. She then inserted the comb at the joining pieces. I will now let the pictures speak for themselves.

As you can see from the pictures above, this comb is everything I was expecting. It is elegant, lovely and one of a kind. If you are shopping for a bridal set or just a nice hair piece, I suggest you check out Angelic Jewelry. They also have a clearance section I will be watching;)

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