Friday, January 27, 2012

Keeping Your Car Clean

I am not really a neat freak. I mean, really, I am not! But I do like keeping things clean. And one area I am big on is my vehicle. Car mats, car pockets, toys, books, etc. I like to keep things organized and neat. Have you ever tried vacuuming oreo out of the carpet? Or getting a smushed candy bar out of the back seat pocket? Below are some tips I have to keep the vehicle neat and tidy. They have certainly helped me so maybe they will help you out.

1.Keep Trash Bags Handy.
In our vehicle, people are always snacking or eating. And guess what happens to the wrappers? They end up on the floor:) One way to keep this from happening is to keep a garbage bag handy. Whether it is a grocery bag or the small trash bags, they are best to keep in the glove box and then pull out when you need them.

2.Utilize Bins.
Plastic containers are good to keep in the trunk or the back of the van. You can use one for misc. items that are being used and one for tools or an emergency kit, etc. If you have other things you need one for, just add another bin. And you can put lids on these as well so you don't have to worry about them falling over and spilling. Keep a shopvac in one of them for those nasty clean up times when you are out and about.

3.Have A Car Clean Day.
One day a week I make sure the car is spotless and all cleaned out. At that time you clean the car floor mats, vacuum the vehicle out, wipe everything down with a spray cleaner, spray down the outside to get the salt off(If you are up north in winter time), etc. This will really go a long way to keeping the vehicle in working order.

So, have any tips for me? Leave them in a comment below:)

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