Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Here or There? Awards are Everywhere!!

Have any of you ever competed in a challenge? Or maybe your children have participated in a quiz or class where there are trophies as the prize? We personally have done many of these type things and I have to tell you, the trophy or medal at the end of the line is quite a motivation to the children. I think for many of the adults it is the same way. When you think of that grand prize, or even the second prize medal, it gets you going even faster and better. I want to tell you about some of our challenges below but first I wanted to let you all know about medals and trophies. We often think of just a plain trophy for a race. Or maybe your mind goes to the medals and trophies given out in the Olympics. But I have gone searching before and there are many different types of prizes to be found out there. For a couple examples, just click here. There are plenty of neat and interesting ones that will appeal to different age levels and the types of awards and prizes are many.

One of the competitions the kids participated in was a small quiz at our local church. Basically they had to learn a chapter or a part of a book, and then there were questions given out every week in the Church bulletin. And they weren't allowed to look in the Bible for their answers, they had to be from memory. Needless to say, this is harder than it sounds. There were several children who participated and they all enjoyed it. I think they would have enjoyed it without the promise of a trophy at the end. But the prize just made them work harder at it and they were so happy whe two of them walked away with a small trophy.

The other challenge we have done is a much larger competition. We have participated several years in a row and this is made up of teams who have to know their Bible very well. There are relays, quizzes, question and answer cards, putting things in order, etc. It is pretty hard. But the kids love it and the thing they look forward to most is the end where all the awards are given. And yes, they come home every year with several trophies and medals. But they love how the trophies adds to the excitement and fun!!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

**DISCLOSURE:This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.
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