Thursday, May 5, 2011

How Do You Stay Up-To-Date With Current Events? PLUS iPad Giveaway!

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This is not my normal post and I was kind of worrying over doing it. I am not a real big person on staying on top of what is happening in the world. But sometimes that has really hurt me and I realized I have to stay a little more up-to-date on things:)


My big problem is that I am not very up-to-date on many things. Whether it is fashion, hair-styles, politics, etc. And there have been times it has put me at a disadvantage. I don't really try to stay up-to-date on fashion anyways but I love seeing new hair-styles! This is something I like to research and this new app I found for the iPad would be a big help to this! And it keeps you up-to-date on all the current events and everything!


Hey readers, there is even a giveaway from this company. And guess what they are giving away? An iPad!! Yep, you heard me right:) A brand new iPad. One of you could win this! Now, I do not have an iPad and I am definitely entering this giveaway. For those of you with an iPad already, please check out this app and maybe even download it. I am pretty excited about it and how it looks so informative. If only I had an iPad:( But, who knows, maybe I will win it!

So, you can get your entries in by following the rules below. This is not sponsored by me so you have to do the rules I have been given by the company. the collection

TO ENTER-tweet to enter

This is very easy to enter and you only have to tweet!! And only entries made through Twitter count so please follow rules.

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1 comment:

Karen Lange said...

Hmm, almost makes me want to get back on Twitter. :) May have to check this out. Thanks, Charity, for sharing the info!

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