Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Do You Remember from your Graduation? And Where Had Your Life Gone?

I was recently approached by someone with this type of question. It kind of made me stop and think. They asked about how my graduation went and what ideals I had at that time. Have I fulfilled them or has my life gone another way? What do I want from my children for their graduation? So, this post has kind of helped me open up about some of these things and I hope you enjoy reading. If not, please just read through and don't tell me:) I prefer not to know that my opinions and deep thoughts are not being made fun of:D

One of the memorable things from my graduation that I most remember, was that my whole family was there. I have heard other people talk about their graduation and not all their family members were there and that this really hurt them. I have to admit this really helped in a big way. Here you are on the cusp of your life and you want the people who matter most to be there with you to celebrate and share in your joy. I mean, seriously, you have struggled through that much school and pain and tears, and you want to celebrate. Right? This is what I remember most from that time. And I am so blessed to have been able to have my family with me during that event.

Now, here I am, several years away from my graduation, and I try to think back to what ideals and plans I had. Sure I wanted to get married and have children but was there something I really stood out in my mind to do? I don't really think I had a big ideal for my life at that time. Since then I have wanted to take some nursing classes but this was after my graduation. So I can't really say I had big, lofty ideals at that time.

Now, for my children, when they graduate, I want them to have ideals and plans for their life. I guess I see it more clearly at this point in life about what I should have been looking forward to. I had no real plans or things I wanted to do. I want my children to have this. If only we could go back and change things but we can't. So I am going to raise my children with this in their future.

I was very privileged to post about this and it made me think about my graduation and the future graduation of my children.

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