Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HubShout Website Grader

Well, with the way the weather has been, I have been spending more time inside. This allows me to do more work on the computer and my blog, but I miss being able to walk and all. During this time I have been searching out different areas to expand my blog. One site I found is kind of interesting. It is a website grader. You will have a lot of fun with this site if you own a blog:)

This tool they have is for checking out backlinks, keywords, etc. This is such a cool tool!! I really had fun checking it out. This will really help with backlink analysis. I know these terms sound big, but it is basically helping you out, getting your blog higher in the stats, etc. Seriously, I dare you to go over and enter your blog link in the little box and see how you rank. I did and I am not real sure how to tell the results. I am not into all that computer tech lingo but I am happy with how my blog is. But if you are looking for something like this, the tool seems pretty good.

I have not used this site, other than the free tool. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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Mike Volpe - HubSpot CMO said...

Great article! You might also want to check out Marketing Grader, a new free tool from HubSpot. (HubSPOT, not HubShout, is the company that created the original Website Grader at Marketing Grader is brand new at

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