Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Get an IT Department for Your Data Storage

Getting involved with the Internet can be an expensive proposition, but even if you decide for some odd reason that you want nothing to do with the Internet and the information age, you will not escape the need to store data electronically if you are a small business of any type – what you can avoid is having to purchase computer equipment like servers and their backups. There are many online services like that can host a dedicated server for your company.


There are several really good advantages to having a company host your server needs. With a dedicated server, you get all of the security of having a server with none of the associated storage costs. Depending on where your business is located the cost of square footage alone can be problematic. You will need a room that can be cooled to 55 degrees to store a server, and you will need a second room, preferably offsite, to store the server’s backup. That way if anything happens to the building, you still have a place where your electronic information is safely tucked away.
The server and its backup will have to have enough memory so that you can store several years’ worth of accumulated data. If you get too little, you will have to either buy another server, or take the one you have offline to upgrade the memory, which means that you will lose the time and the money that could have been generated during that time.

A server that is hosted by a company like will keep you from having the physical storage expenses that you would otherwise incur. It will also be able to expand when you need it to, so that you are only paying for the memory storage that you use. The company will also be responsible for making sure that your server is up, running and available when you need it. You may not be able to afford an IT department, but you can afford a company that will act like an IT department when it comes to your data storage and backup needs.

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